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Yesterday morning when I was planning out what I wanted to post, I had decided on something about overall wellness and happiness, my hope was to write something deep and insightful…..then I had my mother and step-father over for an anniversary dinner and decided I had to share some pictures and the easy guacamole recipe I created because it rocked my socks off. So, we’ll save the life insights for another day and instead you can hear a little about my weekend before getting to the good stuff!

The weekend was my favourite combination of busy and relaxing. It started off with a fundraising dinner, included a lot of reading, and ended with a family dinner to celebrate my mother and step-fathers 1 year wedding anniversary.


Another highlight of my weekend was my Sunday morning run. I had planned on doing 2 miles (about 3.2 km) as part of my Hal Higdon training program. I was SUPER sore from the lower body workout I did on Saturday (where are my P90X3 fans? lower eccentric is amazing!!!) so I threw on some compression tights and decided to do my best to make 2 miles. Once I got going the music took over and I ended up at 2.3 miles (about 3.7) km. Loving running more and more every time I get out…..who knows, I just might be a runner yet!

With Cinco de Mayo approaching I’m still on a Mexican cuisine kick so I had decided I wanted to try to create an easy guacamole recipe. I had never made guacamole before but figured I could throw something together based on all the recipes I’ve seen over the years.



I can’t even BELIEVE how good it turned out! Way better than I had expected. Before supper we snacked on some guac and chips while we had a visit and then I threw together burrito bowls. Since we don’t have Chipotle’s here in Canada (at least I don’t think we do?) I’ve never actually had a burrito bowl from there, but I’ve seen pretty much every blogger I follow mention them and “copy cat” recipes pop up on Pinterest all the time so a while back I developed our own version here at home.  Chez MacDonald-King a burrito bowl involved rice (with some cilantro and lime thrown in), black beans, seasoned chicken (always different but usually involves cumin, garlic, chilli powder, and oregano), and a mix of sauteed veggies such as red onion, red pepper, and mushrooms.



I even threw some more guacamole on there for good measure. You can never have too much avocado (in my humble opinion).  Once I stuffed everyone to the gills I brought out dessert: Banoffee Pie. I came across this recipe on the Oh She Glows blog. Angela had done a review of the My New Roots cookbook (My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season) and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to try it out (even though it didn’t go with the Mexican theme for the evening).



It certainly didn’t disappoint and I can’t wait to have a reason to make it again. I daresay it was a hit since today there was only one surviving piece of the pie (which I will be having with a coffee this morning).  Now, since I promised you an easy guacamole recipe, here you go!!! Make sure to leave me a comment if you make it, I’d love to hear how you like it (or how you tweak it to suit your own taste!!).

Easy Guacamole Recipe
Prep time: 
Total time: 
  • 2 Haas avocados
  • ½ lime (juiced)
  • ¼ tsp sea salt
  • 2 Tbsp fresh cilantro (minced)
  • ¼ red onion (diced)
  • ½ jalapeno pepper (diced)
  1. Mash the avocados in a dish with the lime juice. Add in remaining ingredients and chill to let the flavours develop. Serve with tortilla chips, on fish, chicken or rice.