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Hi there! My name is Pam, welcome to my blog! I’m an environmental scientist, certified holistic health coach, and wannbe yogi living in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I’ve gone through several iterations of what I wanted this blog to be, but currently it’s serving as a way to share random musings, day-to-day life, recipes, travel, and documenting my path to healthy living with my family and friends!

I love experimenting in the kitchen and try to follow along with more food blogs than I can possibly keep track of at any given point in time. I follow a mostly gluten and dairy free diet (due to intolerance’s) and seem to constantly walk a weird line between paleo and vegan lifestyles. Since I love sharing things, you’ll find some of my favourite recipes and kitchen experiments here on the blog.

I try my best to lead an active lifestyle and seem to constantly be jumping around with workouts and outdoor activities to keep from getting bored. I love home workouts, yoga, running (….love might not be the word here….), hiking, and walking with my dog.  Some old injuries mean I often need to modify workouts but they never keep me from getting off the couch and moving!

Random Facts About Me

– Partner in crime to Josh

– fur mom to Riggs (the neediest dog in the world)

– love horseback riding and own a big baby named Jane

– I have the most twisted sense of humor and am not ashamed to admit it

– I’m obsessed with the Mindy Project, New Girl and Modern Family

– I love reading Young Adult novels


Iceland 2016