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The quest for a perfect diet is much like that of the search for a unicorn….it doesn’t exist. These days you hear about all sorts of ways of eating, fad weight loss ‘diets’, allergen friendly diets, etc. There are people that have success with optimum health and/or weight loss with each of these so people run out to buy a shopping cart full of grapefruit to sustain them for a week or declare they are going vegan because so-and-so A list movie star said that’s what cleared up their bad skin. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in full support of being vegan, vegetarian, paleo, etc. but what I’m saying is…..there is no perfect diet for EVERYONE.

Every person on the planet is unique. Therefore, there are ways of eating that will work for some people, while for others, that way of eating makes them feel bloated, lethargic and all around crummy. It’s not because that way of eating is bad, but maybe you’re digestive season can’t handle raw food very well, which is why your raw food diet didn’t work out so well. Or maybe you feel best when you have a small amount of animal protein so the vegan lifestyle just wasn’t your cup of tea.

The other side of the story is that you don’t have to stick to just one way of eating to find your own unique “perfect diet”. I see too many people think they have to follow the ‘rules’ for certain diets and if they don’t then they can’t do it at all. But who says your way of eating can’t be a blend of a few different diets??? I personally do my best when on a combination of paleo and vegan diets. I don’t fell guilty if I eat oatmeal (which isn’t paleo) and I don’t feel bad when I eat meat (which isn’t vegan). The diet police aren’t going to show up at my house and arrest me for making up my own version of a “perfect diet”.

The only way to figure out what the perfect diet is for YOU is to experiment. Treat the whole experience like a science experiment. Keep  track of what you’re eating but most importantly how you FEEL when you eat certain foods. Maybe you need to cut out common allergens like nuts, eggs, dairy, or gluten. Maybe you need to increase your carbs….maybe you need to decrease your carbs. I can’t tell you what your perfect diet will look like, but I can tell you that when you find it you’ll sleep better, have more energy, have glowing skin, shiny hair, great digestion, and the immune system of Fort Knox . You won’t feel boated, overly full, or sick,  and as a side effect your body will also likely settle at a weight that’s healthy for you (assuming you’re eating proper portions that is).

I LOVE helping people find thier own perfect diet, since I know it can be a bit confusing to start off with.  With a little help most people find that by playing with different foods they very quickly figure out what makes them feel energized and healthy, and what makes them feel sick and unwell. If you would like information on how to work with me to figure out what way of eating works best for you, please fill out the form below!!!