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Back again to talk about food this time!! As I mentioned previously in the About Me section, I have food sensitivities to gluten, dairy, eggs, and corn. While I felt sick my entire life, these sensitivities were only discovered about a year and half ago.

Growing up I was ALWAYS complaining about my a sore stomach, or as I now call it “bad belly”. I remember my mother taking me to the doctor and going for ultrasounds but nothing ever came of the complaining. By the time I was in high school I kept a bottle of Pepto Bismol stashed in my locker and remember running for a swig of the pink stuff in between classes just so I could make it through the day.  By the time I was in university I was sure there was something medically wrong. I figured it was at the very least IBS but really wasn’t certain and my doctor didn’t seem to be too concerned.  So that was life, constantly feeling sick, constantly having to plan my day to day life around how sick I felt at the time.

After shedding the excess weight I had gained in university (you can read more on that here) and learning more about nutrition, I knew that I shouldn’t feel so sick all the time. To make matters worse….the older I got the sicker I felt and I was noticing new symptoms all the time (vertigo, brain fog, anxiety…….). I went on a crusade to figure out what was wrong. I started at my doctor, although I didn’t have high hopes. He tried to give me pills for anxiety but I knew that the anxiety wasn’t the problem, it was  symptom of whatever the problem was.  I declined the pills and decided to go see a Naturopathic Doctor. BEST decision of my life. It was amazing to go see a health care professional who was actually interested in sitting down and hearing about my health history and what was going on. She sent me back to my family doctor with a list of tests that she wanted him to do and did a few additional blood tests of her own to send to a private lab.  Thankfully my family doctor agreed to do the tests and then it was just a matter of waiting to see what they would reveal.

What did this reveal? While I’m not celiac the test that was run for presence of antibodies for almost 100 different foods showed that I’m intolerant to the gluten containing grains. It was confirmed that I’m lactose intolerant and the antibody test also showed that I’m intolerant to milk proteins.  The antibody test also showed intolerance to eggs and corn. In addition to food intolerances I was deficient of iron and vitamin B12.

So what did this mean? I decided to cut it all out. Every bit of it. That way I would be able to see if those things were the cause of all these symptoms I was experiencing. And you know what? Within two weeks, let me repeat that, TWO WEEKS I was a completely different person. The symptoms all went away and have never come back.  Now a year and a half later I finally (just recently!!!) have my iron up to the low end of normal and I’m feeling better and better all the time.  I’m still able to eat delicious foods, and since I love cooking/discovering new foods and recipes, this has been a pretty amazing journey!


Question: Do you have any food allergies/intolerances? Do you have any symptoms that you think could be related to certain foods?