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If you follow me on Facebook then you already know that I had a pretty great weekend.  I posted on Saturday about running 5 k for the first time ever and the comments and messages I received after telling my story were pretty amazing. Just to recap: after my car accident the doctors said I would never be able to do things like run, squat, take too many stairs, etc.  I have no cartilage in my right knee and some problems with my right hip so it made sense to me that I would never be a runner (or someone who was into fitness). Over the last couple years I’ve changed that mindset from someone who was limited in what they could to someone who can do anything she puts her mind to, even if it has to be done a little slower or differently than everyone else.

Post 5 k - I've never been so happy to share a sweaty selfie

I’ve never been so happy to share a sweaty selfie

I’m pretty excited to start this new month for several reasons, including to continue my running training. Last month I took a break from running online boot camps to take care of some other business (like getting this website set up!) so today I’m THRILLED to be kicking off the new month with 22 ladies…that’s a whole lot of support!! Since I’m training to do Mud Hero at the beginning of July, I’ll be doing a lot of more cross training this month.  Without the support of a group in April, I did alright at keeping up with my workouts but I always do better with a group of like-minded and supportive folks pushing me on.  I decided to create a workout calendar for May that was a combination of running, weight training (with the ChaLean Extreme program), and flexibility training (with the PiYo program). I’m sharing it here because personally, I feel like I’m held accountable when I share what I’m doing with others. I normally only workout 3-4 times a week but I’m making May a big month because I know how busy June is going to be and even though Mud Hero is just a fun run, I love having a challenge to look forward to and having a goal to be in tip top shape (or as close I ever get to that…) makes it more fun for me!

Running/Piyo/ChaLean Extreme Hybrid Workout Calendar


For those of you who workout you know the importance of cross training.  By keeping up with a variety of exercise you greatly reduce your risk of injury, especially ones that involve repetitive stress. In addition you can increase your overall fitness level by working on multiple aspects such as strength training and aerobic conditioning. One of the easiest ways to incorporate cross training is to alternate between activities so you’ll see in the calendar I’ve created for the month I’ll be alternating between running, weight training, and pilates/yoga inspired Piyo workouts.

Question: what’s your favourite type of workout? What kind of training do you struggle to incorporate into your routine?