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It’s the summer of good food!! Josh says that he’s loving my cooking more than ever because of the CSA share. I’ve been experimenting more and you just can’t beat how fresh the produce is…that makes a HUGE difference in the the taste!

Week 4 was probably my favourite week so far because I was home and able to use everything up with no problems. Also, I’ve been battling a cold ever since last weekend so it was great to have all sorts of fresh veggies to boost my immune system.

CSA 2015 Week 4

Without further ado, here’s what Week 4 included:

– snow peas

– summer turnips

– mixed lettuce

– pea shoots

– Chinese (napa) cabbage

For our size share (1/2 share) it initially included raspberries but since we grow them here at home, I opted for the cabbage instead.

I’m kind of obsessed with stir fry’s lately so twice this week I cooked up really quick one pot dinners. I’ve been using my mandolin slicer to make things REALLY quick to throw together, I’m not sure how I got this far in life without one of these things!

Stir fry #1 had snow peas, red onion,  and red pepper. Once the veggies cooked I added in a can of light coconut milk, 2 tsp of garam masala and a Tbsp of hot curry paste. I have been experimenting a little bit with tofu lately so I threw some in and let everything simmer for a while. I served it with rice and topped everything with some pea shoots!

Red curry

Stir fry #2 had red onion, red pepper, snow peas and broccoli. To mix things up a bit I made a homemade teriyaki sauce and added that into the mix. We used up the rest of the tofu in there and the whole thing came together really quickly.  Just like the curry, I served it with rice and pea shoots on top.

The mixed lettuce was great for side salads this week and we used my favourite vegan caesar dresssing that I whipped up at the end of last week.

We BBQ’d chicken this week and used the cabbage as a side dish for our chicken. I chopped it up and sauteed it before adding a bit of the leftover teriyaki sauce. I couldn’t get enough of this stuff. It was amazing and super quick to prepare.

As a side for our BBQ dinner, I also cooked up the summer turnips and baby beets (from Week 3). This was probably my favourite experiment of the week!!!  Nothing needed peeling, just a little trimming and rinse and they were good to go.

Honey Glazed Summer Turnips
Different than the large and hardier turnips many of us are used to, these small summer turnips cook up quickly and are much sweeter than their winter counterpart. Try these in place of potatoes for your next BBQ!!!!
  • 2 small bunches of summer turnips
  • 1.5 cups water
  • 2 Tbsp honey
  1. Place all ingredients in a pan with a lid, bring to a boil for 10 minutes, check with a fork to see if they are cooked through. Mine needed another 5 minutes or so. Feel free to add a bit more water in if needed. Once they are cooked through, take the lid off to let the water boil off to create a syrup.